Arnold Schwarzenegger refuses to invest in crypto

Arnold Schwarzenegger refuses to invest in crypto

Arnold Schwarzenegger refuses to invest in crypto


Terminator Star and entrepreneur Arnold Schwarzenegger emphasized that he is not trying to invest in bitcoin or any other cryptocurrencies. Arnold says he is like Warren Buffett because he doesn’t invest in things he doesn’t understand.

‘I do not understand cryptocurrencies. I like Warren Buffett,’ he said in an interview New York Times recently.

Berkshire Hathaway CEO Warren Buffett is known as an investor who deals with his competencies.

Therefore, he did not invest in anything he did not understand. 

He doesn’t want to invest his money in cryptocurrencies. In fact, it has repeatedly criticized bitcoin for calling it squared rat poison as an imaginary worthless investment that has long ruled out crypto assets.

Schwarzenegger has sought Buffett’s advice several times over the years. When the Predator and Terminator star campaigned for governor of California in 2003, he secured billionaire investors and the services of CEO Berkshire Hathaway as his senior financial and economic advisor. 

The Hollywood actor praised Buffett as the biggest investor ever. He believes that Buffett is his best teacher. ‘He’s my mentor and my hero,’ he said.

Buffett was also one of Arnold’s advisors when he hosted The New Celebrity Apprentice in 2016. 

Buffet was appointed as a judge at the event. The two men also seem to side with philanthropy.

Likewise, Buffett has donated Berkshire shares to $99 billion worth of charity and has pledged to give over 99% of his wealth to good causes.