50 Cent Becomes Rich Because of Bitcoin

50 Cent Suddenly Becomes Rich Because of Bitcoin

50 Cent Suddenly Becomes Rich Because of Bitcoin


Bitcoin has become a hot topic of conversation in recent months because many people became rich suddenly after the bitcoin price skyrocketed. One of those who experienced it was rapper 50 Cent, who got rich suddenly because of bitcoin.

The 42-year-old rapper released his last album, Animal AMbitio – in 2014. Although the album only sold 124,000 copies a year after its release, the album is now making between USD7-8.5 million because he decided to accept payment in bitcoin at the time.

The album was successfully sold by collecting 700 bitcoins. The rapper, whose real name is Curtis Jackson, initially completely forgot about the system – which was fine as bitcoin’s value has skyrocketed over the past 3.5 years.

If 50 Cent sold its bitcoins in 2014, they would only receive around $400,000 because at that time – one chip was only $662. Well, if they sold all of them when the value reached $20,000 per bitcoin in December, then 50 Cent would pocket $14 million.

‘A little bit of bitcoin? LOL. I know I will make you sick but allow me, I have to get the bag. Not bad for a kid from the South Side, I’m proud of myself,’ said 50 Cent on Instagram.

It is impressive for the star who three years ago filed bankruptcy to court. However, he invested in all kinds of joint ventures in the past. The most profitable one was Vitamin Water which Coca-Cola later sold and generated $100 million for 50 Cent.