XRP Is Far Superior To BTC And ETH According To Tech Expert

XRP Is Far Superior To BTC And ETH According To Tech Expert

When people speak up about XRP, their opinions are often seen to be quite controversial. The crypto-community is in two minds about XRP, it’s a little bit like marmite, you either love it or you hate it (I appreciate this is a niche reference but nevermind).

One tech expert however, is pretty happy to speak openly about XRP, so much so, they have recently claimed that it is ‘better’ than both Bitcoin and Ethereum, in terms of its potential to carry out transactions at least.

According to reports, the Founder of tech website, Techcrunch, Michael Arrington, has stated that XRP has far more potential in terms of transactions compared to Bitcoin and Ethereum, in an interview with Korean firm, Block in Press.

Arrington has started an XRP based Hedge Fund called XRP Capital. This is a $100 million Hedge Fund that uses XRP to invest in cryptocurrency related companies. Arrington decided to use XRP within this fund as he believes that XRP is simply the best cryptocurrency for it due to it being faster and cheaper to use than its rivals. According to AMBCrypto, Arrington told Block in Press:

“We thought, in fact, we know XRP is the best for that first hedge fund firm to dominate in cryptocurrency not because it’s not it’s a little bit more centralized than say Bitcoin and it has detractors and a lot of people in the U.S just like it. And if you need to move some money like very quickly and very cheaply there’s nothing better than XRP. Bitcoin and Ether can’t compete with that and it’s fantastic for that.”

It is important to note that whilst he is an enthusiast, Arrington is not a cryptocurrency expert so his words should not be used to inspire your investments, instead, you should just use this as a sample for your own research.

With this in mind, its very important that a ‘tech expert’ is speaking so highly about XRP. Arrington has so much belief in XRP he has created a $100 million Hedge Fund with it, that will be used to use XRP, to spur on other cryptocurrency based projects. At the very least, this is encouraging a flow of XRP between Arrington and his investments, some of which could very well hit the big time in the future.

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