WhatsApp Pay is ready to launch this year

WhatsApp Pay is ready to launch this year

WhatsApp Pay is ready to launch this year


Can you use WhatsApp’s own currency if you buy any products online? Yes, it’s going to happen soon. It is expecting WhatsApp Pay will be launched this year.

According to Business Today, reported by Cnet, India is the country that will be able to use WhatsApp Pay for the first time. At present, the instant messaging service does have 400 million users in India, out of a total of 1.5 billion global users.

The report also quoted Will Cathcart, WhatsApp’s global boss, who said the payment system that was previously mentioned as WhatsApp Payment had been tested in the State of the Ganges since last year.

Announcement of the presence of Libra, Facebook’s cryptocurrency, was also stated to encourage the use of WhatsApp Pay in India. Libra is reportedly unable to glide in India because of the cryptocurrency ban there.

With WhatsApp Pay, call Business Today, WhatsApp users will be able to send money as easily as sending a message. After India, WhatsApp is planning to place the global market.

‘We believe that doing it right will accelerate financial inclusion and add value to India’s fast-growing digital economy,’ Cathcart said in the report.

‘We can’t wait to bring these services to many of our users across India this year,’ he added.