TRON Price Prediction 2018

TRON Price Prediction 2018

TRON has fallen with its crypto comrades in 2018, despite a stream of positive news and acquisitions.

It can ride these acquisitions, attention, and the potential of the Chinese market opening toward a serious price increase.

If it can see these effects come together, there’s still time for a big 2018 where it can claim a decent share of the crypto industry as a whole.

This idea was discussed in more depth with members of my private investing community, The Coin Agora.

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Tron has garnered a lot of attention lately—in the last month it’s launched its test net, finished its token swap, begun its super representative program,purchased famed internet site BitTorrent, and more. Justin Sun, the CEO of Tron, has remained one of the more active leaders in crypto and continues to push his plan for Tron’s token TRX to be the currency of the decentralized internet. So where does this leave us in terms of price? The following is our Tron price prediction for 2018.

Currently, TRX sits at #11 in total market cap with a coin price hovering near $.017, or around 291 Satoshi’s for the ratio watchers. It had been hovering in this position for the last few months, until a few deep altcoin drops of the last few weeks. TRON’s peak coin price was as high as eight cents just three months ago. Despite the good news and string of announcements, TRX has fallen just like the rest of the market.

And in predicting any price, especially if we’re looking at SATS (ratio of coin to BTC), the market’s macro movements are going to affect it. If the market and BTC rebound, TRX, like many coins, will be rebound by default. In this way, I am going to keep my price prediction in three terms; USD price, satoshi ratio, and ratio of TRX market cap to the entire cryptocurrency market (as measured by

Tron Price Factors To Consider

To look at price, we’ll need to factor in a few elements. Let’s start with movement. TRX ICO’d at about $0.0019, a long way down from where it stands today, though a much longer way down from the coin’s all time high of nearly 30 cents. Still, for early investors, TRX has made a profitable gain and I suspect many have sold their original purchase, especially as the price came crashing down in 2018, taking gains while they were still to be made.

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