Top 3 Price Prediction Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple

Top 3 Price Prediction Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple

  • BTC/USD keeps the range waiting for events to give a clear direction to the price.
  • ETH/USD continues to deteriorate technically and is entering key days for the medium term.
  • XRP/USD remains flat as selling positions increase.

We note a strange atmosphere at the European opening for the main actors of the Crypto board. While Bitcoin is still at the peak of its current movement, both Ethereum and Ripple are weakening and showing a worrying technical aspect.

The ETH/USD’s technical moment stands out above all, with sellers in complete control of the weekly and daily charts.

A graph explains the story and proposes the future based on a present.


ETH/USD Weekly Chart

ETH/USD Weekly Chart

With the current ETH/USD graph, the projection can only be that of future downward movements, and these can be very intense. And until the price does not change these reasons, that is the most likely scenario for the ETH/USD.


ETH/USD 240-Min

The ETH/USD at 240-Min remains above the EMA50 and SMA100 as all technical indicators continue to deteriorate. There is little time to provide a reaction that can turn the situation around. The horizontal nature of the scenario, the bad environment around Ethereum and its creator Vitalik Buterin, with rather pessimistic statements and the weak reaction to a bullish market environment, only reaffirm the current pessimism about the future of Ethereum.

Above the current price at the price level of $285, the first resistance is at the price level of $290 (price congestion resistance), the second resistance awaits at $305 (price co-management resistance) and finally the third resistance is at the price level of $315 (SMA200 and price congestion resistance).

Below the current price, the first support is just below the current price (EMA50 and SMA100). Below these important moving averages, the next support is at  $270 (price congestion support) and critical support in the price level of $260 (August 23 relative low).

Top 3 Price Prediction Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple

The MACD at 240-Min is shown cut down, although right on the line of 0. This indicates that any option is possible although falls are the ones that hold the most potential. A strong upward movement could save the situation in the medium term, but if it does happen, it should not take long, or it could be too late.

The DMI at 240_min shows buyers in control of the situation as buyers withdraw and already move below level 20 which indicates the existence of a trend force. The ADX, on the other hand, moves downwards and notes the lack of trend strength.


BTC/USD 240-Min

Bitcoin continues trading in a narrow range from $7,200 as a support line to $7,311 at the close as resistance. The most remarkable thing is how the permanence in this price range is dragging the moving averages above the trend line, a structure that will be very positive in the coming sessions. The process is slow and so far only the EMA50 has beaten the trend, but the SMA100 can do it this week.

Above the current price, the first target in the key resistance at the price level of $7,400 (price congestion resistance), followed by the price level of $7,600 (price congestion resistance) and finally $7,730(price congestion resistance).

Below the current price, the first support is at $7,100 (price congestion support), followed by $7,062 (EMA50) and finally the key price level of $7,000 (uptrend line).


Top 3 Price Prediction Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple

The MACD at 240-Min is crossed downward with very little inclination. Its profile is almost horizontal and this informs us of the lack of bearish force. Both upward (terminal) and downward (corrective) movements may occur at any time.

The DMI at 240-Min shows us some buyers who are losing strength but are still in control while sellers are not reacting and are still at low levels.


XRP/USD 240-Min

The XRP/USD at 240-min also shows a weakened structure and a tendency to price declines. In this case, Ripple has already lost the support of the moving averages and is now at the mercy of support lines that result in price congestion.

The XRP/USD is currently trading at the $0.333 level. Above the current price, the first resistance is between the price level of $0.334and $0.336 (EMA50 and SMA100). Second resistance at the price level of $0.342 (SMA200) and third resistance at the price level of $0.345 (Congestion resistance).

Below the current price, the first support at the price level of $0.32(price congestion support). The second support line is at $0.27 (price congestion support) and the third support awaits at $0.258 (August 14 relative lows).

Top 3 Price Prediction Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple

The MACD at 240-Min shows almost total horizontality and is only very slightly in negative territory. This opens the door to possible falls in the short term.

The DMI at 240-Min shows us the sellers with the control of the situation but with little advantage over some buyers who are decreasing as time goes by. The ADX collapses and is at a level not seen in months, a bearish scenario with possible increased volatility.


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