These Are The Stellar Partnerships That Will Send XLM To The Moon

These Are The Stellar Partnerships That Will Send XLM To The Moon

Stellar (XLM) is now most known as a direct competitor to Ripple and XRP. When it comes to cross border remittance payments, Stellar are working very hard to pip Ripple to the post, and indeed, over recent weeks it seems that Stellar really are going the right way about it.

Not only has XLM shot up in market cap and overtaken Litecoin (to now sit in 6th place), Stellar have sealed a significant number of partnerships and deals that could eventually lead to a huge surge in the price of XLM and most importantly, the overall popularity of the Stellar project.

The following has been inspired by a report by Ethereum World News, which you can find here.


IBM are currently working alongside Stellar, with what looks to be the production of a stable coin due to be tethered to the US Dollar. A full integration of IBM within the Stellar project would help to see a surge in the popularity of Stellar, with such a big name on board, this also gives the prospect of adoption for XLM a big boost too.

Satoshi Pay
Satoshi Pay is old news now, but it is still a working progress and another example of how Stellars versatility allows it to be built into a range of different applications. Moreover, this partnership also sees the introduction of Tempo, a Europe based money transfer company that now uses the Stellar network for cross border payments.

Real estate is a big game, and has real implications for cryptocurrency too. Slice aim to totally tokenize the real estate industry and gives investors the chance to access opportunities that would be otherwise unavailable with cryptocurrency payments. As Slice grows, it could well dominate the US real estate market.

Chynge takes the concept of a remittance payment and makes it free. This uses Stellar technology to ensure that payments are fast and secure. As with the aforementioned projects grow, Chynge is too likely to bring some change into the Stellar ecosystem, allowing both the project and XLM to grow.

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