Stellar, What Is It Good For?

Stellar, What Is It Good For?

Stellar, XLM, Lumens, whatever you want to call it.

Stellar has flown of late, hitting comfortable prices and becoming the markets favourite alternative to XRP, a cryptocurrency with a diminished reputation and a grim outlook. Whilst XLM and XRP aren’t direct competitors as such, comparing XRP and XLM is a great way to show off the growth of XLM.

The growth of XLM however is not down to a demise in XRP, rather, the growth in XLM is a direct result of Stellar and the team at Stellar making incredible progression over the past few weeks and months. Stellar is a project to be excited about. Here’s why-

There are a number of exciting projects going on within Stellar, these projects may be long games, but, as they materialise and grow, we can only expect Stellar to do the same. Patience will pay off with this one.

Stellar x SmartLands

Here’s one example of Stellars versatility, SmartLands, a project that aims to tokenize the agriculture industry within the Stellar Network. In essence, this will see Stellar facilitate the purchase and payments of land and property within rural settings. Land is valuable, once this project grows it could well see millions of dollars flood into the Stellar network.

Stellar x TillBilly

Point of sale technology rules our shopping experience. Tills and cashiers are a key point of contact between shopping brands and customers and therefore, a good experience at the till point can improve customer experience on the whole. TillBilly uses the Stellar network to host a faster point of sale experience, giving customers access to a blockchain payment system in stores, that can also be used to balance loyalty points and remove the need for paper receipts.

Stellar x IBM

It’s no secret that tech giants IBM have a huge interest in the Stellar Network. Between the two, huge movements are going to be made on an industrial scale, using a combination of Stellar and IBM blockchain technologies. It goes without saying that the IBM project certainly has the most potential in terms of Stellar growth and expansion.

Stellar x Stellar X

This is less a partnership, and more a project. Backed by Stellar, Stellar X is a design for a Decentralised Exchange (DEX) that promises to provide more transparency and more security within crypto exchange services. Stellar X, through its native integration with Stellar, could well become a leading DEX in the future, therefore this is one to watch.

These projects and partnerships are just some of the waves being made by Stellar. There’s a hell of a lot more going on here. With each and every partnership promising to do great things for the network and for XLM, Stellar remains one to watch. It’s okay to be excited about Stellar, we are anyway.

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