Horizen – that is the new name of the blockchain startup that we, up until today, have always known as ZenCash, the cryptographic platform designed for privacy-enabled applications such as financial activity, messaging, and web access.

Equipped with a new logo and tagline (i.e., Bringing privacy to life) the ZenCash-to-Horizen ‘brand expansion’ – as they prefer it described – is far more than a trivial name change, however.

Indeed, in an announcement issued by Rosario Pabst (Director of Marketing and Operations, Horizen) on Wednesday evening (ET), the community learnt of the reasons that prompted the one-year-old blockchain project to opt for a renaming, and with it, a revitalized brand positioning.

Rationalizing such a decision to the community was Robert Viglione (President and Co-Founder, Horizen), who conveyed that:

What initially launched as a privacy-focused cryptocurrency has transformed into a much broader and deeply capable platform that will host a variety of privacy-focused applications.”

Horizen (Formerly ZenCash) Expands Brand

Our brand expansion represents our community’s perspective with a refined strategic vision while providing a hint to our heritage. Hello Horizen! Learn more about our rebrand from Co-founders @robviglione and @RolfVersluis https://bit.ly/2PxEhi7 

Horizen (Formerly ZenCash) Expands Brand

Hello Horizen! – ZenCash

ZenCash Changes to Horizen. Our brand expansion represents our community’s perspective with a refined strategic vision while providing a hint to our heritage. The brand expansion, developed with…


Hello Horizen, Goodbye ZenCash

The ever-transparent Horizen – which is maintained by the Delaware-headquartered Zen Blockchain Foundation – took to revealing the brand expansion via an hour-long live stream on Wednesday.

Prior to the unveiling, Pabst took time to explain more thoroughly the impetus for the brand expansion, concluding that the project had “simply outgrown [its] name,” and that its reputation as a peer-to-peer, privacy-oriented cryptocurrency was but one function of the multi-faceted project.

Following Pabst was Jeanine Debar (President, BrandTuitive), who spoke of the research findings and role that her New York-based branding agency had in helping their (then) ZenCash client realign its brand positioning. Then, Lucy Wang (Marketing Creative Manager) proceeded to officially unveil the Horizen brand to the community.

The live stream also included operational updates from various regional managers such as Dr. Davit Mrelashvili (Eastern European & Russian Manager), Luca Cermelli (Italian Manager), and Arno Pfefferling (Central European Manager).

Rounding out the hour-long video was an AMA (Ask Me Anything) segment hosted by Jonathan Teplitsky (Senior Marketing Manager). Notably, the questions responded to were limited to the Horizen brand expansion, with both Viglione and Rolf Versluis (Co-Founder and Special Advisor) opting to table the unfiltered AMA sessions they frequently conduct together.

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