DasCoin Listed on IDAX

DasCoin Listed on IDAX

DasCoin Listed on IDAX

DasCoin, the Currency of Trust, has launched on yet another public cryptocurrency exchange: IDAX. The listing announcement came on 16th August 2018. IDAX is the fifth exchange to list DasCoin, increasing the reach of this coin so more people can take advantage of it in the future.

Get to Know IDAX

IDAX is one of the top 50 exchanges, making it the perfect spot for listing since this popularity will increase the availability of DasCoin. IDAX is a project of the International Global Blockchain Research Centre located in Mongolia, and it has become one of the most successful public cryptocurrency exchanges. IDAX supports many cryptocurrencies; DasCoin will be joining the existing roster of 40 different coins and tokens. Additionally, IDAX is known for its high trading volumes and support in multiple languages. The last of these is particularly important since it increases the chances that those who wish to buy DasCoin will be able to do so in their native language or one that they are fluent in.

Other Recent Listings

As mentioned, IDAX is the fifth public cryptocurrency exchange to list DasCoin. In April 2018, DasCoin joined three publicly traded exchanges at the same time in an announcement at the ‘DasCoin: The Evolution of Money’ event in London. This is when DasCoin was first listed on BTC-Alpha, EUBX, and CoinFalcon. At the time, DasCoin had announced it was also looking into other exchanges to work with. In August 2018, the Currency of Trust announced its listing on CoinBene. This is also when it let interested parties know that they should expect another similar announcement soon. That time has come with the announcement of IDAX listing DasCoin.

One of Several Recent Landmarks for DasCoin

The coin’s listing on five different public cryptocurrency exchanges comes in the wake of several other accomplishments from DasCoin, such as the DasCoin blockchain speed doubling, going from 6 seconds down to just 3 seconds for each block. This development places DasCoin among the quickest blockchains. DasCoin has also been listed on Blockfolio, a popular free app for crypto portfolio management that lets users track the coins of their choice.

With a fifth exchange listing for DasCoin, it should become even easier for people to invest in this cryptocurrency, taking advantage of all that it has to offer.

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