BTC, ETH and XRP Are the Most Popular Cryptocurrencies for Hodlers

BTC, ETH and XRP Are the Most Popular Cryptocurrencies for Hodlers

SharesPost, a leading provider of late-stage private company liquidity solutions and private capital markets research, has released the results of its mid-year “Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Survey” (conducted in July 2018), and one of the many interesting findings is that “Bitcoin, Ethereum and XRP are most popular crypto holdings.”

SharesPost Research conducted this survey “to understand the change in investor and consumers views about cryptocurrencies and Blockchain and what the future holds for these digital currencies.” The research team invited both consumers and accredited investors to take part in the online poll. They received responses from more than 2,490 consumers and 528 investors.

In this article, we focus on responses from consumers

Most Popular Crypto Holdings

“More than 3/4 of consumers expect Bitcoin to be the most successful currency.”

SP - Fig 6.png

“Both investors and consumers overwhelmingly picked Bitcoin as the top currency they own, followed by Ethereum, XRP and Litecoin. The three currencies, they said, offer the most potential for long term success.”

Growing Demand for Cryptocurrencies

“Cryptocurrency prices have see sawed over the past several months. Nevertheless, the demand for them has remained positive… 72 percent of consumers plan to increase their holdings over the next 12 months.”

SP - Fig 8.png

Generally Positive Outlook

“2/3rds of the consumers believe crypto valuations to increase over the next year.”

SP - Fig 10.png

Top Candidates for Disruption by Blockchain Technology

“Consumers are bullish about Blockchain’s potential for money transfers.”

SP - Fig 14.png

Key Concerns for Crypto Ownership

“Consumers overwhelmingly concerned with cryptocurrency volatility.”

SP - Fig 18.png

Most Popular Crypto Exchanges

“Coinbase Remains Most Popular Application Amongst Consumers.”

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Image Credits: Featured Image and Charts Courtesy of SharesPost

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