Bills Could Be Paid In XRP By 5 Million New Users

Bills Could Be Paid In XRP By 5 Million New Users

Another big development for cryptocurrency adoption today, as a new XRP roll out promises to allow bill payments to be made by around 5 million new customers of a cryptocurrency conversion website in the Philippines. is a Philippines based cryptocurrency payment website that allows Filipinos to pay their domestic and household bills by using cryptocurrencies. Until now, payments could be made in Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum, giving Coins 5 million customers access to some FIAT-alternative payment methods. Now, with the announcement of an XRP listing, these customers have access to an XRP payment system that will allow domestic and household bills to be settled in the XRP currency, creating a more transparent service and allowing for customers with more versatile portfolios to join the community.

As it stands, Coins have around 5 million users, a figure that is expected to grow with the XRP announcement, sitting nicely in line with the projects plan to provide services to as many as 20 million customers by 2020.

According to Philippines crypto news website, Bitpinas:

“In an interview, head of cryptocurrencies, Colin Goltra, told Bitpinas that they have rolled out XRP integration to a limited number of randomly selected participants. A number of these trial users have posted screenshots of their XRP wallets on Twitter. XRP will be one of the wallets immediately found on the app’s dashboard, and users can freely swipe between the other wallets, including the PHP wallet. We’re still gathering data and deciding on our level of support for XRP,’ said Mr. Goltra in a statement. He confirms that there’s no definite date yet for the general release of XRP wallets across all users.”

See more for yourself, here.

Of course, this isn’t the biggest announcement that could have been made for XRP, but, it is an exciting development and gives XRP a whole new use value in the Philippines. It is use value like this that does cryptocurrency adoption a favour. If people can see there’s already a tried and tested way to pay bills in XRP, or Bitcoin, or any cryptocurrency, they are more likely to try it out for themselves and thus, the chance of adoption is increased. It’s great that XRP is now involved in this as it will also help spread the name of XRP across the Philippines, something that might prove vital for the Ripple team given that in some parts of the world, XRP is becoming more frowned upon by the day.

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