2019 And Beyond, The Road Map For Cryptocurrencies

2019 And Beyond, The Road Map For Cryptocurrencies

The future for cryptocurrencies is an uncertain one. We can’t ever tell what the future will hold for crypto, but we can at least guess where the crypto industry might lie in a years time, in 5 years time and in a decades time.

This article pinpoints some major eras for cryptocurrency, the 2009 – 2013 era of Mining, the Buying and Holding era of 2010, the birth of Altcoins through 2011 and most recently, the era of the ICO, starting in 2017 and ending soon by the looks of it.

According to Hackernoon then:

“What will be the next gold mine of crypto world? The cryptocurrency industry is still very young and therefore possibility for high profit is still there. Whether you will be able to board the train and rip the reward as early adopter, it’s certain that just by buying and holding Bitcoin or other major cryptocurrencies you can still multiply your funds within couple years.”

Is big profit really the future?

I’m not so sure. Of course, in the next few years cryptocurrencies will become a gold mine and we will see high value sustained for quite some time, the bigger picture though is far greater than this. We believe 2019 and beyond will be the era for adoption. First, will come the adoption of blockchain technologies. This will inspire institutional investment that will open up a gold mine, values will rise and for a year or so, cryptocurrency will be worth a lot of money. This however may be a novelty, and we do believe that for adoption to take hold, values need to remain and become less volatile therefore, after institutional investment has passed, major cryptocurrencies will find a balance in order to become ‘more normal’.

This doesn’t mean that cryptocurrency will become a dead investment, but we do think that eventually, the major adoptable currencies will no longer prove to be good investments, because their value will stabilize. This in turn however could open up a new market for investable altcoins, splitting the markets in two – the adopted mainstream cryptos and the future investments, perhaps kickstarting the whole cycle all over again.

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