Aussie Digital Short Review, ICO coming soon

Aussie Digital Short Review, ICO coming soon

Aussie Digital


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Although creativity and connectivity reigns in this vast world of internet, we still have to witness the

partnerships of Small & Family Business managers across the world, that allows them to help

each other. Well … Aussie Digital is here to save the day.

Aussie Digital is an E-commerce eco-system based upon an ERC20 Digital Currency at its core

that incorporates a strong store builder similar to Amazon fully packed with innovative digital

marketing apparatuses or techniques and a B2B Trading Programme integrating

Social Media in unusual ways including other services supported via blockchain.


The Aussie Digital team believes that their E-commerce trading platform will prove to be beneficial

for small and family business owners, entrepreneurs, small-scale manufacturers, traders etc.

Additionally, the team is issuing AUDcoins as a permanent payment method on the platform,

that may be used for different rewards, or converted into a stable currency.

Potential Market

Aussie Digital E-commerce platform is currently targeting young entrepreneurs who’ve a potential

to develop, especially the ones who’ve already made a few sales, with a minimum of 5 products

or services, or a workforce of around one to ten individuals.

However, medium-sized business organizations may deploy or utilize Aussie Digital to reach the

global market successfully.

The Difference

Previously, business owners or traders were required to:

  • Manage customer support.
  • Market their products or services independently.
  • Pay for SEO or SMM services to various digital marketing organizations.
  • Hire and pay thousands of dollars to developers for websites or applications.

With the introduction of Aussie Digital, business owners can enjoy the below-mentioned services

via the help of a single product:

  • Customer Support.
  • A ready-made E-commerce interface.
  • Less marketing or promotional expenses.
  • Acquire the help in order to localize or brand their products or services.

The Takeaway

Aussie Digital is based upon a unique approach as compared to most projects in the category.

Yes, it’s about ‘New Technology’, ‘Wonderful Innovation’ and ‘Awesome Cryptocurrency’, but that’s

not what it actually is. It’s ‘All About You’, about designing a modern approach for ‘YOU’.

It’s about making things easier for ‘YOU’. You may be a consumer, a retailer, a manufacturer, a trader,

or just a parent, Aussie Digital is all about getting you ahead in life.

Key Information

Ticker AUD

Type Utility-token

Additional Token Emission No

Accepted Currencies ETH

Token Sale 15,000,000,000 AUD

Token Supply 25,000,000,000 AUD

Restricted countries No restrictions

Token distribution

  • 60% – Crowdsale
  • 20% – Aussie Digital Team
  • 10% – Reserve
  • 5% – Advisors
  • 5% – Bounties

Funds allocation

  • 35% – Platform Development
  • 30% – Marketing
  • 10% – Team Building
  • 10% – Administration
  • 10% – Reserve
  • 5% – Legals


  • Peter Edyvean – Co-Founder Business Strategy
  • Fiona Pirlo – Co-Founder Community
  • Mike Mazin – Business Banker Consultant