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Ripple Getting Ripped, some Analysts Think That It was Too Much Hyped and Find Ethereum Superior

Ripple is the underdog now and many believed that the whole project was nothing but a sham. The majority of the people I have spoken with said one thing: “There is no comparison between Ethereum and Ripple.” The general consensus has been that Ethereum is real – it is a solution for enterprises and we can see this becoming another form of a new internet. But Ripple, on the other hand, is only using all the money it raised to create fake marketing and PR. However, the reality has changed for a short period of time when Ripple, the underdog, whopped Ethereum and secured the place of the second biggest coin by market cap. But, it was short-lived, as Ethereum has secured that spot once again. Having said that, it is Ripple which is still pulling the weight for the entire crypto-market – at least for now.


The growth of Ripple has been astonishing over the last week. The cryptocurrency made a low of $0.25 on September 12 and it touched a proud $0.77 on September 23. That is a whopping 205% gain, moving from the September 12 low to its highest point yesterday.

At the time of writing this article, the price of Ripple was trading at $0.55, that is to say that Ripple is up nearly 126% from its recent low of $0.25 or in other words, it has gone up 126% within eight days . This strong move in Ripple has pulled Ethereum out of the water and the price is trading firmly above the critical mark of $200. At the time of writing this, Ethereum was trading at $232, which is up nearly 46% from its recent low of $167 formed on September 12th.

Ripple is up 126% during the past eight daysBLOOMBERG , THINKMARKETS. TWITTER:@NAEEMASLAM23

Ripple has one key mission – to integrate its technology with large payment providers and banks. A top-ten U.S. bank, PNC, announced last week that it would utilize RippleNet for its customers’ international payments. The company’s blockchain solution, xCurrent would be used to speed up the transaction.


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