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PCHAIN & InVault Achieved Strategic Partnership

PCHAIN reached a strategic partnership with InVault, which focuses on enterprise-level digital asset management.PCHAIN combining its special smart data, cross chain, such as technical advantages, the future is enterprise digital asset management safety depth cooperation, common for all kinds of institutional clients and qualified investors build with banking system security level digital asset management platform, building digital assets of whole industry chain of ecological, collaborative innovation driving force.

About InVault
InVault is a turn-key digital asset management platform founded by finance and info-security professionals on a global scale, providing comprehensive and diversified Blockchain-based financial services including: Asset-Storage, Trading, Investment, Decentralized-Custody etc. to institutional clients and qualified investors.


PCHAIN is the world’s first native multi-chain system supporting EVM, with original PDBFT algorithm, unified knowledge graph and smart data Oracle mechanism. PCHAIN is committed to support non-native Token smart contract calls and solve problems like improving blockchain performance, smart contracts loop not closed, too dependent on external data. It will make large-scale industrial applications of blockchain smart contracts possible.

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